We are a small non-profit club located in Middle Tennesse trying to gain notoriety back. All coonhound enthusiasts and hunters are welcome! We are UKC, ACHA, & AKC approved, hopefully more too come.. If you have any questions feel free to contact any of our officers.

President: Justin Ray
Vice President: Randy Hollis
Secretary: Candice Ray

Treasurer: Jodie Spencer
Sargent of Arms: Chris Mathis; Bobby Beeler; Richie Billups

Hunt Directors: Scott Webb, Lukie Reddick, Jodie Spencer, Cody Schmidt, Bobby Beeler, Jonathan Mitchell, David Brown, and any other volunteers.

Board of Directors:
Benny Black
Mike McAskill
Larry Spears
Ray Mitchell

Greg Black
JD Black

Ricky Moon


Greg Scism
Tina Scism
Dakota Burlison (youth)
Dalton Hulme
Jeremy Black
Peggy Black
Bubba Black (youth)
Kaylynn Black (youth)
Chris Smith
J.D. Smith
James Moody
Matt Hylemon
Eli Hylemon (youth)
Will Hylemon (youth)
Teddy Wright
Fargo Guthrie
Cody Schmidt
Jeremy Dennis
Amanda Dennis
Ansley Dennis (youth)
Alyssa Dennis (youth)
Kent Wiley

Jimmie Haines

Chase Haines (youth)

Chris Austin

Kale Harvey (youth)

Greg Hughes (youth)

JOIN NOW or renew your membership! It's only $10 yearly.

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Suspended/Barred Until Date Noted
NICHOLS, Brittany; Cumberland Furnace, TN; April 2, 2014


SYKES, Macon; Cumberland Furnace, TN; April 2, 2014

Houston County Coon Hunters Association

Club By-Laws (condensed)

Established Since 1986

The Club By-Laws are rules that the Houston County Coon Hunters Association (officers and members) agree to obey and abide by.

The laws are as follows:
1. Election of officers will be annually.
2. Members will pay membership dues annually except for LIFE MEMBERS.
3. Youth under the age of eighteen will receive free membership.
4. Members are urged to take part in all events sponsored by the Houston County Coon Club.
5.Members should conduct themselves orderly at all times.
6.Members should show good sportsmanship win or lose.
7.All rules in a licensed event (UKC, PKC, AKC, etc) will be obeyed and enforced.
8.It is the officers and members responsibility to know and understand these rules.
9.Alcohol and non-prescription drugs are prohibited during any type of event sponsored by the Houston County Coon Club.
10.The Houston County Coon Club and any organization affiliated with holding an event are not responsible for accidents or theft.
11.After each licensed event members should thank visitors for coming and invite them back again.
12. The Houston County Coon Club has the right to refuse entry to any dog or handler. However, no handler shall be refused or barred on basis of religion, race, color, national origin, age, or gender. A handler shall not be refused based on their actions, circumstances or otherwise that may have transpired at a different club.

Happy Hunting!